Joshua Renfroe Photography

Joshua Renfroe

Joshua Renfroe is a NYC based creative director, photographer, and author by way of Tuskegee, Alabama. His journey as a photographer began in April 2017, self teaching the art form with stylish strangers on the streets of Soho, Manhattan.

The evolution continued through the exploration of more intentional storytelling concepts. The melting pot of influences such as cinema, artistic freedom, cultural phenomena, and self love led to the inception of Renfroe’s first self published photo book, Black Boy Fly.

240 pages, hardcover. The book showcases the unique make up of black male culture. The book received global press features from Vice, Hypebeast, and NSS magazine and sold out of its first run within 5 months. Joshua hosted 2 art shows in New York City and select images were featured at Photo Schweiz, the largest photo event in Switzerland.

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